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2000 to 2001

Scott Anderson who started sharing with us his emotions regarding his failed attempt to qualify for the Olympics Trials in 2000 discusses a wide range of issues in his journal issues. Read by runners and non-runners alike, Scott ever the philosopher can think of the darnedest things.  Installment #1installment #2installment #3, and installment #4  cover his emotions leading up to his failed attempt to qualify for the Olympic Trials after having qualified for the last 5 national championships.

Installment #5 discusses his emotions of having to watch the Olympic Trials as a spectator.

Installment #6, installment #7, and installment #8 discuss life without running, his races in California after the Olympic Trials where he got the big breakthrough he had been looking for all year.

Installment #9 and Installment #10 run the gamut discussing Communism, his bedroom, his coach, and oh yeah running. 

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Installment #11 discusses his thoughts on being a part of history and Alan Webb’s sub 4 minute mile, as he finished right behind Webb in the historic race and appeared on the ocver of track and field news as a result.

Feel free to read these highly recommended journals.  But be forewarned some are quite lengthy.

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