April Starts with a Bang

The CAS judges said it logically makes no sense to ban a coach but not his star athletes. "Salazar's lawyers provided us evidence showing that USADA leaked the fat-shaming allegations to the US judges and we think that's what caused the American judges to rule erroneously in 2019," wrote CAS chief justice Sidd Finch, a former professional baseball player.
*MB: CAS Clears Salazar of All Charges - Salazar Can Start Coaching Again Right Now. Will Rupp go back or stick with Mike Smith?

PUMA has designed Bolt a new super spike and the opportunity to be the first human to break 19 for 200 was just too much to pass up. "I always dreamed of running sub-19 in the 200m. Now with these new spikes, that's a done deal," said Bolt.

The Recluse Speaks

This sitdown interview with America's most reclusive coach may be the biggest scoop ever for LRC. Schumacher speaks on Alberto, (not) racing, and being a LetsRun.com poster.

Innovation Comes to Track