Save Big on Life Insurance with HealthIQ Like Erik, The LRC Web Developer

by Erik Westlund (sponsored post)
February 21, 2019

Welcome podcast listeners.

I’m Erik. I work at as a web developer (aka LRC web guy). I’m going to tell you below how I am going to save $19,440 on life insurance over 30 years thanks to HealthIQ.

I started running as a freshman in high school. In college, I started the University of Maryland Running Club with a friend and continued running for a few years after graduating. I was never the fastest runner around, but I did manage a 2:42 marathon when I was 22.

Soon after, I met my wife, entered a PhD program, got married, finished my PhD, moved across the country, bought a house, and had two children. In that time I went from running sometimes twice a day to not running at all for months on end.  I gained 50 pounds and I couldn’t run a 9:00 minute mile. I decided I needed to get back in shape.

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While getting back in shape (I’m hoping to get a Boston qualifier this spring), I noticed some Health IQ advertisements on LetsRun. I was interested because I had recently purchased a life insurance policy for myself, so that my family would be taken care of just in case the worst happened.  I was curious how Health IQ’s rates would compare to the policy I had just purchased. I was surprised when they quoted me $22 per month with Ameritas, which was $54 lower per month than the similar policy I recently bought. This seemed too good to be true, but the prospect of saving $19,440 over thirty years was enough for me to see if they were legit.

Here’s how it worked: I called just after Thanksgiving and the Health IQ agent, Kristine, asked questions about my running, my health, age, coverage needs, etc. Health IQ compared rates from over 30 carriers and, with my permission, they applied for a policy with Ameritas. I sent my agent my last few months running logs on Strava and took Health IQ’s running quiz. I scored Elite on the quiz, which qualified for the special rate coverage option they have with Ameritas. They scheduled for a nurse to come to my home for a physical before Christmas and I was approved for my policy a few weeks later. After signing the final documents in the third week of January we were all finished.

I honestly thought going through Health IQ would result in some catch, some type of bait and switch, but that didn’t materialize. It just worked. I spent maybe two hours of my time in total to save $19,440. Investing those savings over time and I should be able to pay for a couple of years of college for my kids.

I encourage you to at least check out HealthIQ and apply. A little bit of your time could save you a lot of money. note: HealthIQ had no idea Erik worked for LRC when he applied for the insurance.  He told LRC founder Weldon Johnson how much he was saving and Weldon asked if Erik would share his story and Erik said yes. HealthIQ decided it was a great testimonial and wanted to feature it in its LetsRun advertising. is going to compensate Erik for his testimonial as its the right thing to do.