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All the readers:

I really didn’t mean to turn this thread into “let’s explain the Lydiard program” thread. I would like to shift focus a bit and like to ask the Daniels followers, or whomever has a good insight on the program, about his training system. I thought someone mentioned earlier that he actually did more hill training than mentioned in his book. I’m a huge believer of hills. I know Bowerman said somewhere that he doesn’t believe in hills because “there’s no hill on track” but it’s a typical Bowerman talk. I know his runners, if not most of them, did quite a bit of hills, running around “buttes” in Oregon. I’m curious to know what type of hill training Dr. Daniels recommend, why (any specific reason), and what part of overall program he inject it.

Also, I can see his program is geared more toward college athletic program with multiple peaks but how about high school level? One of my objectives right now is to put together a presentation on the Lydiard program for high school situation. There are many Lydiard followers out there who have successfully adopted the program to high school setting and I would love to hear those success stories and specific details… Sorry, I digressed again. But what about application of the Daniels program to high school situation? One of the things Lydiard always stressed was that the younger the athlete, the less anaerobic type training they should engage. Even though Daniels system lays out explicitly how fast or how hard each run should be, wouldn’t that be a bit too stressful for young developing athletes? I mean, you cannot, or should not, apply the same type of anaerobic stress proportionate to speed and performance level at the same ratio.

One last thing is that (now I don’t have quite clear grasp on the Daniels program so please bear with me) his program seems to be based on your 1500/mile time and 5000m time and so on and so forth. I was one of those people who, once started sharpening work, the times came down quite a bit. In other words, my date time and goal time differ quite a bit. So I didn’t care even if my mile repeat time in the beginning of the track schedule was quite slow because I knew my times will come down when sharpened up. How would he handle such situation?

Again, I have nothing but huge respect for Dr. Daniels. Would love to pick his brain—or get some practical experience from people who follow his schedule. Your input will be greatly appreciated. (…and if you’re a high school coach who has a success story of applying the Lydiard program to share, that would be more than welcome as well!!!)

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