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I've come to this thread a bit late and like Nobby I'm not real familiar with Jack Daniels. But since the subject of the pace of distance runs in the Lydiard program comes up here I thought I'd toss in a few anecodtes.
As Nobby and Kim point out, there is no prescription against fast running in the Lydiard system. But there's also none against slow running. The guys who did fast runs were doing those because they had gotten fit enough so that those runs weren't gut busting. Arthur would never have prescribed that someone do a 55 minute 10 mile, or a 65, or an 85. But if you were running 75 when he knew you could handle 65, he might have told you to go faster. On the other hand, he'd never allow to you to flog yourself to get that 65 if doing so left you gasping. So while he frequently spoke against "LSD" and had runners who ran at quick paces, a lot of the runs aren't particularly intense.
For example, in "Golds Aren't Easy", Richard Tayler says that when he trained alone he usually went at a six minute pace, but that he often trained with friends and went noticeably slower then. He actually did a fair amount of running with Arthur then. Tayler had bests of 3:58, 27:46 and 2:16 at the time and Arthur would have been 56 or 57. So I don't think Tayler would have been pushing really hard on those runs.
Barry Magee told me that when he had his brief fling as South Korea's national distance coach, he was given all of the country's top marathoners. The slowest had done 2:25. He sent them out to run 20 miles at "their best aerobic speed." He said they ran the distance in 2 hours and that was "too fast." He said that to get them to run at the correct pace he had to tell them to "jog."
Arthur never once told me to do my distance runs faster than I was doing them, but he frequently cautioned me against "racing" my training. I believe that he came to understand that most of us overestimate how fast we can run while remaining aerobic.

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