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RE: Singapore Athletics doesn't like "behavior and attitude" of 2:23 marathoner, so they send 2:38 marathoner instead
This is an individual who seems to be getting more media exposure with disputes with the national associations than his own running, taking to the media at every opportunity to try to arm-twist the associations to do his bidding; and publicly chastising them if they don't comply to his selfish demands. Each time he would claim he was doing something for the greater good of the sport and for fellow athletes but it's strangely coincidental that every time his self interest is deeply intertwined with the disputed issues.
In 2016 , Soh disputed the selection criteria for the Olympic wild card entry just days before the athlete is selected, knowing that based on the criteria his chances were quite slim for the wild card. What's more damning was that he tried to undermine performances of fellow athletes who stood better chances in the selection, in order for his to look good. The criteria was never disputed before that though it was made known to all long before.
In 2017, after running his personal best of just under 2:25 in an overseas race, Soh tried to get his timing into the record book by disputing the then Singapore marathon record which had stood for more than 20 years, claiming it was not recognised by so-and-so international body and his own timing was. It's amazing how it was not an issue for more than 20 years and now it suddenly was because his personal interest is involved.
Promoting his own sponsor during the black-out period 2017 SEA Games: There's often a black-out period during Games that required athletes not to promote their own individual sponsors, as each nation will have their own official sponsors. Soh defied the order and disputed the standing order thereafter. If you disagree with the arrangement, sort it out before, not after. You risk losing sponsors that way. True enough, after cutting holes in his national team official vest during the marathon race, it pissed off the sponsor and the team lost the sponsorship soon after. Nicely done!
In his recently spat with another fellow athlete, it was over some sportsmanship award that the latter won for slowing down during the 2015 SEA Games marathon to wait for the a group of athletes ahead who had taken a wrong detour. Soh won the race, and the other athlete won a rather prestigious sportsmanship award. But now, 3 years later, Soh disputed the award on the basis that 'he did not notice/see anyone slowing down'. Despite Singapore National Olympic Council reassuring that investigastion had been done and had gathered sworn statements from witnesses, Soh refused to accept the decision and refused to retract the accusation, resulting in the ongoing lawsuit between the athlete and him. Is it any surprise that he is being excluded from the subsequent Game? If you are the selection committee, would you want someone who is known to be uncooperative, antagonising and full of antics ?

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