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RE: ESPN: Track coach busted for serial molestation: its not just a problem in gymnastics

PWay Runner wrote:

If you are a member of USATF you get email notifications of this behavior almost monthly although not to this level. This guy is truly sick.

In 2018 SafeSport sanctioned or have pending stations on 55 - 60 individuals for criminal disposition or criminal disposition with a minor. Meaning some sort of sexual contact or behavior. I think they are going back and sanctioning those on Megan’s List but not 100% sure. This is the type of topic we need to discuss here. Coaches are entrusted with young athletes bodies, minds and dreams we can’t sweep stuff like this under the rug

They can only sanction coaches who are USATF members. The real numbers are more than 10x that amount.

SafeSport knew about Mainwaring before the criminal charges came out. They couldn't do anything.

Our sport has normalized these private coaches who exist under no one's umbrella. We have coaches banned by SafeSport still coaching privately. The ban keeps them away from USATF sanctioned events, and prevents them from getting insurance through USATF, but they can't really stop someone from coaching on their own.

Mainwaring is the perfect example of why we need SafeSport. As of the report, they only have one incident that was chargeable, and since it involved an adult, the sentence will be light relative to the gravity of his decades of abuse. The judge can consider the other allegations in sentencing, but they generally have to stay within the sentencing range for the crime they are actually convicted of.

They were within a few months of the statute of limitations ending on the one case that was charged. This easily could have been a story about a man who molested dozens of men and never had criminal charges.

Mainwaring is also the perfect example of how little we can do to stop predators in our sport. Most of our sport exists outside of USATF's umbrella. NFHS has their head in the sand. NCAA turns a blind eye. AAU has a handbook similar to our SafeSport handbook, but any enforcement is secret, rendering it fairly worthless.

There is no simple solution, but a good first step is that facilities need to start requiring any private coaches to be SafeSport compliant USATF members so that there is some accountability if they abuse an athlete but fall short of the high standards for criminal charges.

There is a free training for parents at, I really recommend any parents reading this take it.

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