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RE: Official thread to discuss moderation policies

malmo wrote:

wejo wrote:

[quote]malmo wrote:

What's wrong with you? You pointed it out. Thank you. It's been deleted. End of story.,

Ok. I'm back on this thread.

This post above is the type of post we don't want on

There is no need to say "What's wrong with you?" and make it a personal attack. This is coming from someone who can moderate our site. Posts like this often don't get removed, but don't contribute to a civil discussion.

I'm not even sure they violate any of our TOS but we want civil discussion. You are going to see posts you don't like, but

Wejo, "What's wrong with you?" is not an insult, it's a colloquial phrase of disbelief. It's a theatrical capitulation. I would say that to any friend or family member, and none of them would think they are being insulted. If I say "What's wrong with you?" it's because the antagonist refuses to listen and accept what I had said in clear language. The substance is simple: "Report those posts." Putting your name to it can be helpful too. Whatever you do signing "wejo" or "rojo" isn't going to fool anyone.

It's times like these that I think the Candid Camera film crew is going to come out of the closet with "We got you!!!!!" and everyone has a big laugh...but no, I don't even see a microphone hidden in the Bonzai tree.

Lol, is calling people insane and telling them seek mental help because they disagree with you also just a friendly colloquial phrase where you are from?

Also, why on earth would we put our names on the report a post? to help you harass us later?

there is already a bad enough prob on this website of creepy mods peeping IP addresses of people they disagree with politically and then creeping on them in other posts and chiming in with weird stalker comments. just weird man...just weird.

I love it. 'It's only when the poster has refused to accept what i have said";, that
is because a lot of what you say is clearly pure BS. You obviously refuse to delete reported posts and then rapidly delete any complaint about them and you just fly off the handle anytime someone clearly points that out. Wouldn't life be so much easier if everyone would just accept what you

maybe it's time to take a step away from the mod role, it takes a certain temperament

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