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RE: There are over 100,000 Burmase PYTHONS in the Florida Everglades. Small mammal production has dropped by 90%

Scorpion_runner wrote:

This is insane. Before the Millennium, there were no Burmese Pythons in the everglades. It was basically an Alligator dominated region, but controlled.

People starting owning pythons as pets in the late 90s, due to snakes being glamorized in music videos and movies. The same way pitbull ownership went up in the 90s due to the dog being highly glamorized. However, unlike dogs, pythons can grow to enormous lengths, thus becoming extremely difficult and dangerous to own. Some owners were even killed by their own pythons.

Instead, of handing those snakes over to the zoo, or an exotic pet shop, owners simply threw the snakes in the Everglades with no remorse. And since the avg person does not understand how evolution works ( especially with reptiles!) , or that something just simply does not disappear, pythons procreated rapidly. Now, florida has the huge natural crisis on their hands, and it is just going to get worse, because reptiles focus on 2 things like no other creature: Eating and Reproduction.

Snakes can lay up to 70 eggs in a labor session, with the majority of the offsprings surviving.

The ignorance and negligence of man continues.

The only way to deal with this is to make it a food market! Hunt and sell them as a delicacy, and the numbers will decrease. However, pythons have high mercury concentration.

I take issue with two of your arguments.
1. glamorization of snakes is not due to music and videos, as has been blatantly disproved by the gun lobby who is emphatic that there is no influence from TV or music.

2. If this were an evolutionary effect, why are humans still around? We are the dumbest creatures on this earth, yet we continue to survive.

It is, indeed sad that these reptiles are "dumped" off in the Everglades so the best solution is to build a wall around the 'glades. Don't let anyone in (or out).

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