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juice to the gills
RE: To those who say ALL elites are doping, what exactly are they on?

Ciro wrote:

ponderer of small puddles and other various liquids wrote:

Coevett wrote:

ponderer of small puddles wrote:

More specifically, I would like to know where to get the stuff and how much it costs. And, if not too much trouble, also a basic summary of how to take the stuff. Plz respond...

So this thread is actual proof of the harmful effect of the 'everybody dopes' mantra. Sounds like you're a sub-elite American who has been convinced that 'everybody dopes' and you're actually seeking info on how to join them.

I was joking. I was sub elite over a decade ago but coudn't even manage to find a coach, let alone figure out how to "dope" and with what. Unless someone spiked my creatine back in the day without me knowing...

ACTUAL proof? Nah.

But....on the other hand...if you know of a supplier....

Was creatine helpful for distance runners?

In moderation, maybe. I know sprinters get a problem with water bloating and muscle problems on it, it might not be a problem for distance runners.

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