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RE: Official thread to discuss moderation policies

Coevett wrote:

tempaccountforsomeBS wrote:

well, maybe you shouldn't have done that. Then you wouldn't have to whine about people calling you racist. Is that difficult to understand?

I'm not whining about people calling me racist, I'm complaining about a mentally unhinged stalker - you - threatening to doxx me, break my jaw (even now on threads where I haven't posted on and have nothing to do with me), posting bestiality fantasies etc and actually influencing other people here to believe I'm a racist.

Anyway, this moderation thread isn't about me, so I wont post in here again. It's up to the mods and site owners what to do about this apparently violent and deeply disturbed stalker. As I said, this guy clearly poses a potential risk to me and I do feel the need to protect myself at this point.

Did it ever occur to you that more than one person might be tired of your race baiting act on this site? I've done none of the things you accuse me of besides the last one "actually influencing other people here to believe I'm a racist," and that I've only done using your own words.

I've responded to you maybe 4 times in my life and usually just quoting yourself back to you when you try to deny that you have ever posted anything racist. I agree though, this thread is getting sidetracked, I've said my piece regarding your posts and don't really think much else is achieved by arguing further. Your record speaks for itself.

please stop making false accusations against me though. I've never threatened you in my life. I've barely even responded to you. It's funny that a guy who bragged openly about beating up a black man in a locker room calls some random stranger on the internet he disagrees with 'violent.'

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