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Stoppit Smith
RE: Official thread to discuss moderation policies
One of the capstone solutions to this problem is to have each post evaluated before it even finds its way on a page. By this, I mean truly evaluated. This will allow content violations to be seen before we see them.

For example...I have never met Jamin or Flagpole or Update, etc. However, any new person might join in a negative discussion involving them. This might prompt them to go overboard, which they sometimes do.

Also, many of these athletes are boys and girls. See..Grace Ping, Katelyn Tuohy, Brodey Hasty, etc from previous should be against any rule to address any aspect of a boy or girl other than training or time. No body evaluation, no appearance evaluation and negative comments.

Moderator privileges should be extended to editing out negative information that will destroy a thread....before the post goes from entered to published.

Moderators should have to have a valid e-mail address by which to communicate with members (all people should have to be a member) regarding their post, possible deletion, possible sanction, etc.

Moderators should not be able to maintain online friendships during the clip of time that they are wearing the moderator flag. The time gradient of their flag should render them impartial and impervious to inside jokes and ribbing posts.....while they have the moderator flag. They become a regular member and subject to all rules of propriety when not wearing the flag.

Egregiously sexual, racist, violent, etc posts should be flagged for possible turnover to regional legal authorities if necessary. As a result, goading someone will carry warnings, suspensions and then an expulsion.

If it seems officious, it is. There's no alternate way other than to sacrifice the "fun" that is slippery slope for the safety of users.

And that's that.


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