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RE: Official thread to discuss moderation policies

alea iacta est wrote:

tempaccountforsomeBS wrote:

malmo wrote:

Wejo, I've never seen any of those posts. Can you verify that they are real?

It's much harder to overlook the random racist post and dismiss it as some blowhard, when based on the moderation history, there's every indication that the post may have in fact been created by the site itself.

It's really hard to take a thread like this sincerely. I half suspect this post will be deleted like it is every other time.

Most of the time you eventually explain it away racist posts lamely, 'oh sorry didn't see it, sorry that was up for so long.' Why not remove the moderator responsible for keeping it up and obviously protecting it for so long?

Stop whining. You can go take your snowflake browsing over to Reddit or some other dopey site where everything is bubble wrapped. Part of the fun of Letsrun is that it is anonymous and there is a lot of user freedom. Unfortunately, there are some prejudiced people out in the world and they will post what they will when given the chance. Trying to take actions of certain individuals on this site and pinning that on the BroJos is right out of the whiny Leftist snowflake playbook.

If it was just random people occasionally posting racist stuff it would one thing, but the main issue, as I clearly explained and you chose to completely ignore since apparently you don't have a suitable response, was the obvious and active role of the site moderators in preserving the racist material.

How can you defend that?

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