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RE: Official thread to discuss moderation policies

malmo wrote:

Wejo, I've never seen any of those posts. Can you verify that they are real?

I've seen most of those posts myself. I've also seen multiple posts pointing out the black dildo post to mods that were deleted.

Wejo you say you don't condone those posts, but you do. This is your site and your moderators often protect posts like this despite being reported.

I have started multiple threads complaining about specific posts like this and they get deleted immediately. The disgusting and blatantly racist posts that were being complained about remained up however. Sometimes for days, sometimes forever.

It is impossible that this is an issue of oversight, of lack of awareness that they exist.

If you delete 10 posts pointing out a racist post it's completely impossible to say you didn't see it.

Of the top of my head there was :

1: post celebrating the death of a 'beaner' , (including a graphic picture), skewered on a piece of rebar that was allowed to stay up for at least a full day while multiple threads pointing it out were deleted within minutes.

2. A post making a joke about a poster having no black people hanging from his family tree. Reported and allowed to stay up at least a full day while multiple posts pointing it out were rapidly deleted in minutes.

3. There was a Gronk post clearly implying that he was smarter than all the black players because he was white. It remained up for days while complaints about it were rigorously deleted in minutes.

4. A page long post explicitly detailing a plan to murder every liberal in this country, including descriptions of how to trap them at choke points in cities and mow them down. this post may still be up. It was up for about a year last time I checked. It was reported multiple times and had multiple threads created about it.

I can go back and show screencaps for all of these, and many more, but honestly what's the point? I've done it almost a half dozen times for each of those posts already and countless others, but you deleted my posts. Why do you suddenly pretend to be concerned now? The issue has been pointed out hundreds or thousands of times before by people. Are you really going to pretend you don't read your own website?

For me, the issue isn't necessarily, the number of racist posts on this site, though that alone is disturbing. It's the fact that I've explicitly called out all these post multiple times and the moderators have repeatedly and consistently protected reported racist posts like that while deleting any post complaining about it. It's absolutely disgusting and beyond a reasonable explanation or defensibility.

It's much harder to overlook the random racist post and dismiss it as some blowhard, when based on the moderation history, there's every indication that the post may have in fact been created by the site itself.

It's really hard to take a thread like this sincerely. I half suspect this post will be deleted like it is every other time.

Most of the time you eventually explain it away racist posts lamely, 'oh sorry didn't see it, sorry that was up for so long.' Why not remove the moderator responsible for keeping it up and obviously protecting it for so long?

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