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David S
RE: Official thread to discuss moderation policies

malmo wrote:
Wejo, I've never seen any of those posts. Can you verify that they are real?

1. It seems suspicious that we would have missed so many REPORTED posts.
2. If those posts were real then I would have been all over your back about giving him at least a one month vacation.
3. It also seems suspicious that the poster would have saved those posts without date or thread titles.

Are you for real man? Jesus. I don't want this to turn into a thread about Coevett but all you have to do is literally google the username and a piece of the quoted text and you'll see that they're actual posts.

A while back (sometime around January 29th, I emailed myself a cached version of my own comment after the thread was deleted) there WAS a letsrun thread about him and I posted the following before the thread was deleted. I thought Coevett had been behaving better since then, but a bunch of the above posts were apparently more recent. Here is an edited version of what I wrote and was then deleted (and yes I give the threads and yes they're still up):

I've also noticed that Coevett seems to be caught up in race. I googled his username and looked at the first 20 threads that came up (others might have been deleted, I dunno), and found these posts (I know it's pretty crappy to quote a bunch of posts that someone wrote in the past, but these were all written in the past year and a half):

1. In this thread he uses the verb "sired", which is usually used for animals, to talk about how many siblings a Kenyan runner has, and he also says "It's no wonder the Kenyan population is doubling every 20 years and that they can't keep track of birth certificates":

2. First, how is being gay stunning if it doesn't matter? Second, on the second and third pages of this thread he talks about Britain becoming an "Islamic republic" and how "Islam is a threat to western values".

3. Discussion of different groups of people here is a form of racism (East Asian "nimbleness", etc):

4. Every other comment is about whether or not a runner is black or white:

In general there are a lot of threads where he talks about how today's top African runners are doping but the GB athletes from back in the day weren't. I don't think there are necessarily problems with this. Here are two examples:

1. In this thread he's accused of being racist but I think he's just really bad at articulating himself (and maybe trolling):

2. There are lots of posts like this one where he talks about African doping:

I get sick of this stuff sometimes so I decided to try to be a bit more specific by googling. Coevett: It's one thing to talk about doping and where/why/how it might be happening, but it's another thing to inject race into every other thread. Please try to tone it down?

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