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wejo wrote:

Coevett wrote:
To be frank, I would guess that at most 5% of white runners are doping, whereas amongst elite African/Arabs the figure is closer to 95%

Coevett wrote:
Oh and there is a culture of doping in black American track and field, I think you'll find.

Coevett wrote:
What you're going to do instead is shove your black dildos up your behind whilst fantasizing about Konchellah in action.

Coevett wrote:
You really do have quite the ebony fetish

Coevett wrote:
You get excited, probably sexually, at the sight of lithe ebony men pumped up on drugs

Coevett wrote:
A long time ago I had a similar incident in the locker room in a gym in London, except the black dude was clearly doing it on purpose, probably because I was white and he was a racist. He was getting dressed after his workout and I wanted to get into my locker which was next to his, but couldn't because he had the door to his open so wide blocking it. I asked him politely if he minded if I got into my locker and he barked at me to 'wait'. So I just swung his door and opened mine to which he very aggressively swung it back causing it to hit my wrist sharply. Had to unload on the twat and knocked him stupid, but it got me banned from the gym.

Coevett wrote:
I beat up the black guy in the gym in self-defence after he assaulted me in a likely racially motivated attack.

Serious question, Wejo - are those posts from a non-racist? Is that poster a person who should be spreading his hate on letsrun?

I can't condone any of those posts. I would say they are examples of where our moderation failed.

I don't have a problem with Coevett saying doping is rampant in Kenya and Ethiopia which he often does, but it does not need to become an issue of race.

Wejo, I've never seen any of those posts. Can you verify that they are real?

1. It seems suspicious that we would have missed so many REPORTED posts.
2. If those posts were real then I would have been all over your back about giving him at least a one month vacation.
3. It also seems suspicious that the poster would have saved those posts without date or thread titles.

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