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RE: Jakob 3:30!!
No says the E. Africans aren't talented you idiot. However, what we've seen for 30 years is totally artificial. The Kenyans would produce runners on par, and once in a while a bit better, than their worldwide competition. Once EPO hit the usual suspects stepped in, and the E. Africans pulled away from everyone.

The E. Africans have a higher percentage of talented people, and likely a narrower bell curve of performance as well - unless drugs are introduced, which is exactly what's happened. There is literally zero doubt.

The fact that the race card is pulled so often is proof that those of your ilk are running out of lies to hide behind. If true, equal testing is ever implemented - and if the sport hasn't totally been destroyed by then - the super-dominance of the E. Africans will dissipate, with them likely having four or five top 10 to top 20 runners 1500 - 5k, with higher percentages in the 10k and marathon.

You try to scare everyone off by inferring that anyone questioning what we see these days is racist. You're the racist. You're likely the one of the usual usual hasbro-rat or h-house trolls, and those of us who are aware know what you're up to.

Allowing the E. Africans to cheat is as much about social conditioning of targeted populations, meaning the West, as it is about being "PC". One day a lot of people rolling their eyes will be forced to wake up.

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