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Coevett wrote:

well,, wrote:

Absolute nonsense. The biggest sport, by far, in Kenya is soccer. Running is a sport practised by a number of tribes on the Kenyan highland.

You have any actual statistics to demonstrate that?

Every Kenyan schoolboy might dream of being the next Lionel Messi, but the fact is the odds of that happening are millions to one, whereas every Kenyan schoolboy and his teacher knows the odds of making a decent living from running are quite good, especially with a bit of Italian assistance.

Kenyan soccer matches draw pitiful attendances. The attendance at the Junior championships in Kenya last year set a new world record.

Some of you have an almost fanatical need to believe in genetic supremacy of black men. Being called a racist by you guys is similar to an average Joe being called a fat sexual predator by Harvey Weinstein.

Historically, nearly all of Kenya's distance runners are Kalenjin.

Let me get a few things out before you start getting angry about the "genetic supremacy" of black men.
1) It is very likely that Kenyans and Ethiopians ARE superior distance runners. The actual benefits may be from genetics, living conditions, motivation, environment, whatever, but even without drugs, they likely ARE better. Honestly, just look at the EPO Era. Do you really believe that only Africans drugged up when EPO was undetectable?
2) It is also very likely that Kenyans and Ethiopians dope rampantly. Incidentally though, that doesn't really matter, given that the rest of the world does too.
3) Just like how everyone is very aware that Africans of various descents dominate athletics, we can all freely acknowledge that they are very lacking in many other respects. For one, look at Medical School Acceptance statistics:

Black students accepted and matriculating into medical school are, putting it very bluntly, inferior in all objective measures compared to Asians, Whites, and Latinos. They quite literally have lower standards of acceptance. Keep in mind, this is AFTER Affirmative Action has occurred, so they have had four years at the same high level institutions (which are universally acknowledged as being very liberal and "safe space" environments) as all other races.

Even if you take the SJW side and whine incessantly about how these "objective measures" inherently favor whites, you still need to account for the fact that collectively, Latinos (who are also an underrepresented minority) outperform them in almost every category. Even then, Latinos are admitted at a lower rate compared to blacks.

I am going to be very blunt here. I take a view that is widely acknowledged as "racist". I do not know the exact cause (whether genetics, economic status, upbringing, culture, etc.), but individuals of African descent DO overperform in athletics, and underperform academically. It makes no sense to me that people cannot acknowledge what is right in front of them. It's like trying to say that women are not athletically inferior to men, while watching a women's professional basketball team being dominated by a boy's high school team.

I doubt you would have problems acknowledging the fact that African Americans are disproportionately favored in academic admissions. Why do you have issues acknowledging the fact that East Africans are exceptionally good at distance running?

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