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RE: Jakob 3:30!!
If you re training for long distance race , your htc and hemoglobin will go down and also some hormones.
It can go down to 41% and 11%, while when you didnt train you was like 45% and 14%.
Now 1 point increase in Hemoglobin % could make you gain about 30-40 seconds in 5 k race ( Jack Daniels book).
So imagine this you have done 3 months of hard training , your body is eating itself , fat, muscles, blood cells, everything
go down, Yes of course this is an adaptation of training but is also caused because in the process of hard training
you take your body to the limit. Now with Epo if you take your Hemoglobin from 11% to 15% ,that is a normal value
but not your genetical value after months of hard training. You are going to create a totally new artificial condition for your body that help you to do a GIANT jump in your performance, but is totally artificial and unatural , you have changed your phisiology artificially. If one point increase in hemoglobin content help you with 30" in 5K, what about 4 %points?
This improvment maybe is not at an elite level but sure can happen at an amateur level.
I m an amateur runner and with training my htc is low about 41%. When I' m not training it goes up.
and is not easy to run when your htc is low.Cos especially in the hot summer your energy is very low.
In the past I ve been low as 38% and I had no energy no speed oxygen was not enough for my muscles , I could run for hours but no speed. After months of good diet and iron supplement htc went up to 45% and hemoglobin to 14%. It was like come to life again, I had power and I was fast again.

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