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why bother
RE: In case you missed this

deadesq wrote:

HS stepped up? wrote:

what are they hiding? wrote:
there's something going on and i believe there's coordination between frank's camp and the LAM (and the LA times). there's enough evidence to ban him for life and dq him from years worth of racing, but they didn't.

Is it likely that the LAM reached out to Frank and came to an agreement?
Something along the lines of "If you agree to never enter any future Conqur events, we will allow you to save face by DQing you in 2019. Try this again, and you're banned for life."

...AAAANNNNDDDD we'll forget about all the other years.

Oh, wait.

FRANK—THE 10K mat is the OTHER way!!!!

I don’t think he heard me….

LA Marathon 2015. Just before the 10k mat, and about a minute before Frank shows up in the photos on course. By the way, this marathon is the fastest one that shows up on Frank’s Athlinks page at 2:52:47. As if….

No wonder they wanted him to run with an observer the next year. He split 20K-25K at 18:34 and 35-40K at 18:30. That’s good—he picked it up later in the race. Uh huh. Yep. Should have worn two watches.

Because 15K-20K was 25:01. Don’t you wish you could drop six and a half minutes per 5K between 15K and 25K like Frank? But he needs to work on his pacing….

5K 20:47
10K 19:03
15K 20:28
20K 25:01
25K 18:34
30K 19:22
35K 21:28
40K 18:30

Aside from the splits, the white stripe on his shorts in these photos, along with his now very recognizable running form, gave it away for me.

But I will say this—I was running today, and I saw someone way down at the end of the street running. It kind of looked like Frank. Time to stop this stuff….it’s like when I used to have Tetris dreams. You’ll get that if you’ve ever played Tetris.

Anyway, here are the individual links so you can see them.

this is comedy gold. every time another Frank sighting is posted i burst out laughing.
seriously Frank, what the hell were you doing? your brain aint wired right.

it seems to me like the main flaw in Franks grand plan was that he lurked (or skulked as deadesq so eloquently described it) too close to the timing mats given that there is normally a photographer somewhere near the mat.
if he had been prepared (or capable) to jump in from an extra 200-500 metres out he would never have been seen.

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