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what are they hiding?
RE: In case you missed this

Golgi Body wrote:

A lot of people who have been following this thread might be going along with the statement and saying, yes, yes, that pretty much sums up what he did. But I'm trying to look at it from the perspective of the non-runner who casually reads the story. All it specifically says he did wrong was "Re-entering the course from a position other than where he left it". That's it? I mean, if you didn't know better, you might think that was just something nit-picky, like he pulled off the road diagonally to use a porta-potty, then cut the tangent back onto the course, rather than re-entering the course at the exact spot he exited.

They also list the reason for DQ'ing him as the fact that he ran a 5k segment faster than the age-group WR for 5k. But that's not a violation! If I had no knowledge of competitive running, and I heard that part, I'd be like, so? What's wrong with setting a 5k record AND a marathon record?

I think it could have been worded much more convincingly: i.e. "Frank Meza clearly cheated in the LA Marathon by cutting off large chunks of the course (presumably the vast majority of it) and then turning up every few miles to trigger the timing mats". Instead, it gives the impression that he might have been DQ'd for some nit-picky technicalities, and who knows, maybe he would have got the record anyway if he'd followed the rules to a T?


there's something going on and i believe there's coordination between frank's camp and the LAM (and the LA times). there's enough evidence to ban him for life and dq him from years worth of racing, but they didn't. instead, they provided a frank enough wiggle room for him to claim that he did run the course, but got dq'd for taking a piss off to the side and re-entering in a different location. But, w/ the dq, LAM likely believes that it did enough to protect their legitimacy.

with respect to the bracketed text regarding the 5k record, i'm not certain they intended to include that text in their statement. in the public relations world, individuals will often bracket text that they are considering , and at the time of release, someone should delete the brackets, or delete the text that was bracketed. it's odd that the text was bracketed in the statement.

considering that frank is a cheater, and has cheated for years, i hope that he gets dq'd from every race that he cheated in. all that said, i'm not convinced that will happen, so, w/ respect to derek's list of races, i suggest adding an additional "notes" column if fm hasn't been dq'd from a ceratain race. in that column, derek can list in shorthand, the reasons for a dq.

keep up the good work!

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