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RE: In case you missed this

SacramentoD wrote:

Just read the article. Wow, 44 races in 12 years. And he may have (or probably) cheated in every one. But as of now there are only three DQ’s. As far as I know there is no statement from CIM about what caused their two (is that true?), just FM claiming there was a problem with his splits and he agreed with them very graciously. And I don’t like the wording used by LAM in their DQ. Did anyone else think they seemed to tip toe around the real issue? Nothing they said can’t be explained by FM’s phony pee story. He can say he re-entered the course in a slightly different place (like one building down) and there was an eyewitness of it. So big deal. As for the impossible split he can say well that’s an issue with the chip or mat and he’ll once again agree that it’s wrong. LAM, or any other race, if they actually have the evidence, need to be blunt and say FM re-entered the course 6 miles from where he exited it and eyewitnesses saw him get into or out of a car, etc. Otherwise it gives FM wiggle room to keep lying. And for some reason that bugs me.

I have no problem with their statement: He broke the rules, was DQ'd and that was in their statement: enough for me and what all have been asking for on here. And they added this as an exclamation point: "...and our calculation that Dr. Meza’s actual running time for at least one 5K course segment would have had to have been faster than the current 70-74 age group 5K world-record [an impossible feat during a marathon]." They didn't have to do that and glad they did as warning to Frank and the 3, 4, or 5 in his camp: NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE. YOU'RE A CHEAT!

Now, when presented with evidence of the additional races , will they continue to DQ.? That's what has to be done and would welcome a brief: "Frank Meza has been DQ'd from the 2015, 2017 and 2018 LA Marathons for rule violations: The new AG winners are...." That's enough for me.

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