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RE: Democrat presidential debate official thread
Harris is trying to win. In such a large field you have to be bold. Remember Trump '16.

No one whose vote is in question will care for or remember any of this in Nov 2020.

I'm going to go ahead and say Biden will lose, for the same reason he always loses. Good guy, great ideas, has no edge, does not have 'it'.

Beto has 'it', but no ideas.

Biden has ideas, but no 'it'.

Harris is quickly becoming the candidate with ideas and 'it'.

People get too wrapped up in bad branding and name calling. Quit being afraid of being called 'socialist' or 'liberal'. It's only a bad word if you let it be. For Christ sakes Obama ran on and gave us government health insurance. The most socialist idea since social security.

It's all about 'Yes You Can!' and 'Hope And Change' and 'Make America Great Again!'.

Do people like Harris? Do people like Harris more than Trump? Way too early polls, in which Trump should be ahead of the too little known Harris, show her ahead nationally and in key states.

Biden can still win. But he needs to start being more of a lion. Harris has the angry black woman vibe and will eat him alive if he doesn't start confronting her.


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