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RE: In case you missed this

Progression of Cheating wrote:

Roderick Powell wrote:

Uncle Rico wrote:

Fine job by LAM. They reached an evidence based conclusion that leaves no doubt, and released the news in a very matter of fact presser.

We'll never know, but I wonder if they also uncovered evidence of the "how he did it."

Maybe he hops onto one of those free community e-scooters that are everywhere. (especially in Long Beach) Or has a few e-scooters of his own parked and locked that he unlocks, then uses for each app. 2.5 mile advance. Maybe their are videos/images of Frank Meza prior to race day parking those for use on race day. ( yes, I know this is not a murder investigation). Or a video/image of him riding an e-scooter on race day. Am I over-thinking this?

Could have been those, but we have also seen that he has people who are willing to lie for him and even make threats on his behalf. Does it seem so far-fetched to think that he also had someone drive him?

I am a lot more interested in the "why" of this than the "how?" How did a highly respected physician, who had so much going for him, start doing this? And why did he keep doing it for more than a decade? Was he genuinely unable to stop himself? And what about those accomplices? Were they hesitant at first, then just went along with it?

When people have something dirty on each other bad things can go on for a very long time. A system of fraud can be just as much fun or more fun after the cheating patterns are engrained( and more rewarding socially and or monetarily or both) . Then comes justification. Protecting each other just happens. Good'Ole boy clubs are built on this kind of thing. If they have the power, they perpetuate their unfair advantages/lies and then support each other in polishing up their legacies against any doubt(including their own) when there time is drawing near. It's human nature. When it is as drastic as what frank and his cronies did, it really is only slightly out of norms.

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