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RE: In case you missed this
I think FM was playing a long game. If you look at his race history, his times start diverting from the expected results of aging by 2007 at least. Maybe his first infraction was for a BQ, but his improvement from year to year after that isn't dramatic. It's very carefully incremental.

And he made sure to include supporting evidence. People have objected that a sub-3 marathoner should easily be able to run decent times in the 5K, 10K, and HM - and he did. His 10K dropped from 47 in 2008, to 44 in 2012, to the low 40s in 2013 and 2015, to sub-40 in 2018. He ran a 20-minute 5K in 2016, and he has HM times under 1:30 in 2016 and 2018. (Merely training runs, of course.)

He ran the same races year after year, improving his time each year and probably his technique as well. He learned what races were lax about timing and security, and he got a sense for where he could race a sub-3 marathon without calling too much attention to himself. He figured out how to show up in the expected number of photographs and hit all the timing mats.

He made some mistakes. In a big way at CIM, but he probably found himself persona non grata at other races as well when his times flew too close to the sun. But FM is not stupid and clearly learned from his mistakes.

You can set an AG record with a sub-3 marathon at 70+. And you can run a sub-3 marathon pretty unobtrusively at the right kind of race. Big enough to not stand out from the pack, but small (or small-time) enough that you've got a shot at evading security measures.

Of course, to capitalize on that realization, you have to start building a plausible performance history a decade out. He was probably getting close to the big payoff this year. All he needed was the AG record marathon time. Give it a few years after that for data to rot or become unavailable, and proving he hadn't run the whole course would have become almost impossible. Even now, with overwhelming evidence, LAM still won't DQ him. He didn't need official recognition from the IAAF or anyone else. All he needed was to be able to say, Take it from me! I'm the 70+ marathon record holder.

No, this thread is not close to being over. There are dozens of interesting road races left to look at.

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