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RE: Frank Meza 2:53:10 at LA Marathon (70 years old) unoffical time (just finished)

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Dear Dr. Meza:
Poster 'deadesq' mentioned that he (or she) tends to be "a person who wants to make the world a better place". You might not think very highly of 'deadesq' because that poster also produces these very informative photo sheets, which I think clearly corroborate Derek Murphy's results and conclusions. But since I think I am cast in the same mold as 'deadesq', please allow me to add a few thoughts for perspective.

Thanks, PB70. Your suggestions really moved me, and I hope Frank takes you up on this. I am fairly sure he won't, but it was worth a try.

I'm going to give one last bit of material for you all to chew on, and Doubler, if you want to link to this, feel free, crediting deadesq if you don't mind.

This is a Google map of the LA Marathon course. I've got the Km markers on it, although they're probably a little off without me going and running the course myself. Please let me know if you know exactly where the timing mats were, and I'll update the map.

You can interact with the map, and on the left hand side, there are check boxes where Frank IS present, and where he IS NOT. Green for present, red for absent. I didn't bother with the finish chute cameras, since I knew Frank was there.

If you click on the individual pins on the map, there will be a link to the contact sheet from that location, so you can view each of these yourselves. I found a few more sets of photos were Frank was present, but his number was covered. They're right where you'd expect them to be-near the timing mats. And looking at this overall, I can see generally Frank's path from timing mat to timing mat. My best guess is an e-Bike, but I did give some brief thought to how hard it would be to duplicate a timing chip's RFID signature. That's another thread, I suspect, and it would have required help.

A couple observations. The general area around Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is between the 25K and 30K mats. Frank missed this entire area, on three separate sets of photos in that area. Overall, I found nine cameras on the course that Frank missed.

The kicker for me, though, is near the end, on Ocean Avenue, there were two cameras near Palisades Park. One was somewhere between Georgina & Marguerita. The other was closer to Palisades. Frank appears on the Palisades one, but not the earlier one on Ocean Avenue. They're about three blocks apart, but in an earlier post, someone pointed out what looks like Frank in the red circle.

Given the fact that this photo was taken at the Palisades location, I have reconsidered my earlier thoughts that it was not Frank. I now think it is. And I think he probably came up to Ocean Avenue via Palisades, then jumped on the course at the appropriate time to kick it in.

So, I think I'm pretty much done with everything I can do on this. It's up to the LA Marathon now. It's been fun, all. I hope you've enjoyed the stuff I've found.

YOU should be the marathon investigator. Your work has been most impressive.

That is great work.

I will admit that there are plenty of people out there that are better at aspects of this than I am. But, so far, no one has kept at it consistently. ScamWatcheroo is great at getting to the data. He built my scraping program. But unfortunately he’s disappeared.

The work by deadesq is similarly impressive. Deadesq, shoot me an email.


Ummmm. LRC has kept at it consistently.

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