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douglas burke
RE: Democrat presidential debate official thread
A Lot of people were against busing back in the 1970's, I volunteered to go to a All Black School, because I was always treated like the star meaning great when I would go to the Black Neighborhoods, even my parents were against it (Which Proves that you can be against busing without being racist at all) Actually The school bus did not take me, I usually took 3 city buses to get there, get on the first city bus for 15 cents then get a free transfer and then an extension/another transfer, In Elementary I went to a special education school which had kids who were thrown out of public schools from all over the county, so I had friends when I got there, They were going to bus the white kids, but they took it to court and it did not happen, But I did it because I felt it was the right thing to do and I get treated great when I am the only White one (Actually there were about 20 whites if you count Cubans and Puerto Ricans mostly on the Baseball team) A few fights the first few weeks (I loved to fight anyway, went on to wrestle at Oklahoma State and Cal State Bakersfield and boxed as an amateur and sparred World Champions and top Fighters like Irleis and Tomas Perez, Don and Bruce Curry, Aaron Pryor and many more after college) Met really nice people, this was before rap was popular, I blame Rap for making black neighborhoods crime infested and blighted, there was crime, but no drive by or any shootings that I know of. I was the EXCEPTION volunteering to go to a Black School, Whites against busing like Joe Biden Were the norm, The reason Biden has changed his views is probably because he got to know Obama for 8 years and realized Black people are mostly nice and are not necessarily the stereotype you see on TV. When I went to the Black School Miami Jackson NOT ONCE did I hear the term White Privilege, actually I never heard the term until a few years ago, I hate that term and I appreciate that NOT ONCE did they use that term around me (It seems like it is to create resentment towards whites) one kid joked that he didn't like White people when Roots came on the TV, NOT ONCE did I hear the word reparations though even if I had I would not know what it meant. I would not blame Biden for his views as Blacks were negatively stereotyped back then, I am glad he Met President Obama and was able to learn the Stereotypes are usually false, mostly nice people, the girls always flirted with me, it was great.

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