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RE: Democrat presidential debate official thread

Whither funding? wrote:

L L wrote:

Harris' job right now is to do whatever it takes to secure the nomination.

We know that private health insurance will not be replaced in full anytime soon.
This is about showing the will to make progress towards changing that, which will happen over time.

Before Medicare for all has any chance of becoming the default health coverage,it has to become an option to buy into or be expanded by age rande and income level.

People say that they like their private insurance, which is typically purchased by their employer.
If their employer has an option to purchase a Medicare plan that is cheaper, that is what most companies are likely to do.
Then boom,you are on Medicare.
You can choose not to take your company's Medicare plan and purchase your own, of course. But I doubt most people will decide to pay higher premiums just to spite the government plan.

A private option will always be availabe but it will become supplemental.

In the general election, this will still be a winning issue.
Trump vowed to replace Obamacare with a better plan. That hasn't happened and isn't even in the discussion now. Now he's saying re-elect him and Republicans and they will fix healthcare next term. No one is going to buy that bull.

As far as the economy being good, voters will decide if their own situation has really improved.
They heard about the big tax cuts. Have they felt it in their wallet?
Is the avearage American's purchasing power better now?

Healthcare will be a winning issue to get the Dem nomination and in the general election.
Harris is making the right call on how to speak to it.

Ok. Fine. She still has to say how it will be paid for. And how we are going to provide full comprehensive first class coverage for undocumented aliens.
BTW, is that coverage going to extend to transient visitors to the US as well? Tourists? What’s to stop someone with a medical condition coming here on a tourist visa, declaring their condition and demanding care?

Harris just did a Donald Trump. No I didn't raise my hand to get rid of private insurance, I raised my hand to say I would get rid of my own insurance and take the public insurance. Odd that she didn't correct that as the debate went on on this topic. Her comments the next day denying her meaning was classic Donald Trump.

And yes your point is well taken, giving medical care is quite different than providing comprehensive medical care.

The first poster saying Harris needs to do whatever she needs to do to secure the nomination is sadly her approach.

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