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LA 3rd rate marathon
RE: Frank Meza 2:53:10 at LA Marathon (70 years old) unoffical time (just finished)

RossiCheated wrote:

doubler wrote:

RossiCheated wrote:

doubler wrote:

Throwing photos and names of possibly random runners into this thread is garbage. The two guys likely made a mistake. LA has always been responsive with these types of things. Cut and dry. Email them and they will fix it.


This post is curious to me for a few reasons.

First, this could easily be called a bib swap which you have exposed many times. Why is this different? Sure, it could be an inadvertent switch because they share names. I agree with that premise. But when you consider that they apparently missed nearly every timing mat... well, you’ve looked at people for impossible splits and ONE missed mat on an out-and-back section, am I correct? What makes this case different?

Would your feelings on this change if we learn that the BQ time is used for a Boston entry?

Further, you suggest that L.A. is receptive to changes in results and someone should just email them. Isn’t the delay in the Frank Meza issue case-in-point that they AREN’T that receptive to proof of cheating/incorrect results from outside sources? The only evidence of their behavior regarding these kind of issues is that either nothing happens or it happens terribly slowly.

Do you think (or know) that they know this problem exists and if they DQ Frank they can’t just bump the places down without cleaning up this mess as well?

I stated that I had missed the posts about them missing the same timing mats. Although I haven’t looked at their results myself- going on what was posted.

But, if the only issue was that they mixed up bibs, it is very conceivable that it would have been unintentional. So, yes , I’d be opposed to calling runners ‘cheaters’ without having an idea of the intention. If a time was used for Boston, then we would know the intention.

LA has, in the past, been very quick to DQ runners that have used bib mules, or sold their bibs. They have not been quick to DQ course cutters.

My point was (when only knowing of the bib swap) that I’m opposed to calling out runners publicly without knowing their intention.

I appreciate your response. I sincerely hope we do t see a Boston registration from this and we can shrug it off as some guys who mistakenly swapped bibs and did a run from home to the finish, as suggested above.

But we do seem to have one question answered by their inclusion in the results.

Does the L.A. Marathon use mat times, missed mats, and split times to check for the authenticity of finishers before making results official?

No. They do not.

The position that this is a second-rate, bush-league event gains more traction.

I agree with everything you wrote except that LA is second rate. It's lower than that.

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