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You tell ‘em Frank!
RE: Frank Meza 2:53:10 at LA Marathon (70 years old) unoffical time (just finished)

run4life23 wrote:

The entire allegations against Frank were exacerbated by Derek Murphy, an amateur investigator who needs money to pay for his apartment. Nice job guys! IF this is true, you are right, Frank would be an idiot to step foot on another race course and we will never see him on a course again. If it's not, then save your money Derek, your sponsors, potential clients and future employers will not want to touch you in the next few years because you spearheaded a smear campaign designed to drum up donations for your website by fucking with a man's reputation who didn't deserve it.

Yeah the nerve of some people, Frank should be beyond approach. You all should be talking about all the good things he’s done for the kids, Loyola HS, and the Latino community. He was a respectable doctor. He should be commended for running marathons when others his age are barely moving.
...And if this was a thread about Dr. Fred Meza just running marathons for fun at his true pace, given everything else, we would be saluting him. But its not. It’s about someone who put all his achievements on public display and the tried to embellish them with fictional running accomplishments. He f’d with his own reputation, now he gets to bask in the notoriety of his ‘deserved’ marathon victories.

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