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RE: Frank Meza 2:53:10 at LA Marathon (70 years old) unoffical time (just finished)

run4life23 wrote:

The entire allegations against Frank were exacerbated by Derek Murphy, an amateur investigator who needs money to pay for his apartment. Nice job guys! IF this is true, you are right, Frank would be an idiot to step foot on another race course and we will never see him on a course again. If it's not, then save your money Derek, your sponsors, potential clients and future employers will not want to touch you in the next few years because you spearheaded a smear campaign designed to drum up donations for your website by fucking with a man's reputation who didn't deserve it.

Frank's back! Hi Frank. Oh, here is one of Frank's first posts: Frankie, time's up.


What is the point of this post? He is a highly accomplished runner who doesn't seem to care for publicity and public accolades. This man was raised in East LA by a single immigrant mother who worked as a seamstress and spoke little English. To say that he and his mom were poor is an understatement. The fact that he became a successful doctor meant he already defeated the odds against him in life.

I know this man personally and I assure you, he runs because he loves it. He doesn't really care if anyone else notices or not. The disqualifications and missed mats happened because honestly (when you are a fast runner, the mats don't always pick up on the chips), he was a little upset, but shrugged it off. As far as pictures being taken, he doesn't even notice cameras or his bib may not have even been showing (like I said, he's a private guy and he knows what he can do).

Again, I never get the sense that he really cares whether or not the world thinks he's great. He's already doing great in many aspects of his life personally and professionally (not related to running). So, feel free to argue or be a non believer, I don't think he cares. But, I assure you, he is not a cheater, he's just a simple man who loves to run. If you still don't believe, go ahead and physically follow him on his next race and please stop posting about stupid cheating ideas, it diminishes the whole sport and the spirit of running. If you all ever met him, you would understand.

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