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Fab Five Freddy
RE: The Perfect 5K Training Plan

ABump wrote:

Fab Five Freddy wrote:

Working Stiff wrote:

Cycle through these 8 workouts every 4 weeks (2 per week) with a max of 6 cycles in a row (24 weeks). 2 weeks of easy running refresher before starting again.

#1 - 3 x 10 minutes @Tempo/LT w/ 2 minutes jog + 4 to 6 x 30 seconds @3K/Mile
#2 - 12 to 20 x 1 minute @LT w/ 30 seconds jog + 4 to 6 x 10 second Hills @Sprint
#3 - 8 to 10 x 3 minutes @LT w/ 1 minute jog + 4 to 6 x 30 seconds @3K/Mile
#4 - 12 to 20 x 30 second Hills @Mile/800 effort
#5 - 30 to 40 minute Tempo Progression + 4 to 6 x 30 seconds @3K/Mile
#6 - 8 to 10 x 2 minutes @LT w/ 1 minute jog + 4 to 6 x 10 second Hills @Sprint
#7 - 5 x 6 minutes @LT w/ 90 seconds or 2 minute jog + 4 to 6 x 30 seconds @3K/Mile
#8 - 8 to 12 x 1 minutes Hills @3K Effort

I don't understand why these runs are so complicated. Instead of 3x10, why not 1x30 or if you need a break 2x15?

20x1? Man up, man. 1x20.

30s at 3K? So, like, a stride?

Working stiff...thanks for the reply and good input. I would also be interested in the above poster's question though but without the additional bravado thrown in and more of a general curiosity about why not a 2x15 or 1x30min tempo effort

Didn't mean to be bravado-ish...just a bit of light-hearted joking. But to be clear, the goal of the workout must be seen as . Of course there is value in an on/off workout (as in fartlek), but I don't think that's the idea in most of these workouts. I think OP would do better to view such a workout as . Most effective would be 1x30 min. If recovery is an issue or if this is early in a cycle, then, sure, 2x15 min. But a lot of this reminds me of coaching plans where the runs are overly complex or perhaps pandering to runners who don't want to suffer. 30 min LT is a good workout but not exactly killer. Thus my "man up" jibe. OP or anyone looking to race a 5K should be able to handle 1x30. After all, LT pace is variable.

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