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Turtle Time?
RE: Frank Meza 2:53:10 at LA Marathon (70 years old) unoffical time (just finished)

doubler wrote:

pathfinder wrote:

Animalmom wrote:

I’d love to be in the Frank Meza war room now. Who else is in it do you think?

The coach who threatened, his accomplices, the LAM RD, charities etc?

They are all screaming at him for being a dope and “how can we contain it”

I'm still not convinced that was Diaz that threatened. Anyone can leave a message saying they're Diaz. Before we incriminate someone, we should get evidence locked down.

It would be nice if there was some record of the phone number from which the call came.

It would be an odd choice. I do not see what would have been gained by impersonating Diaz, of all people. Amby has already spoken to Frank and would have known if it were him.

I have the number and have heard the message. I plan to reach out.

At this point, every one of the powers that be at Loyola High School is surely familiar with Amby Burfoot's story and Derek's chronicles of FM's antics. No doubt, conversations have already occurred between administration and Diaz, with the bottom line being for him to tread carefully and probably distance himself at least publicly from FM. Any high level, Catholic, private college prep school cherishes its reputation for integrity as well as its commitment to excellence -- so they should create and keep their distance. I would be shocked if FM remains as their assistant X-C coach next fall the way things are moving. Do nothing & say nothing to feed the story.

Similarly, I would expect FM and his friends to generally shut down, but we will see. At this point, the story is pretty small. Amby Burfoot's story, for instance, shows around 7800 clicks -- no doubt people in running communities in LA, etc. and folks around Loyola know the story, but it hasn't gone viral by any stretch of the imagination. As far as the war room is concerned, though, they know that by virtue of FM's having credited for the two world best times for his age group in the marathon, this thing could be picked up at any time. It is not going away -- so FM has to get on with a new life focused on areas where he hasn't been discredited.

I keep going back to what a reporter might think, looking at this situation. In some ways, for a national sports reporter, is the story "small change" and maybe that is why it hasn't been picked up? Or is it more that it doesn't "feel" right somehow for further investigation?

If Amby Burfoot reads this, I would value his input as a former editor. What would make this story something that, for example, Runners World would consider? The core of the story is pretty strong, but maybe it would have to be linked somehow to some larger angle, like boomers growing older, competing longer, refusing to "grow old"? Or would it need to be an example in a larger article about age group cheating?

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