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Not Funny At All
RE: LAM 2015: More Unbelievable Splits in Record Temps

Not funny wrote:

Frank Meza Report wrote:

It's hard catching road racing cheaters in the act. Most racing cheats are found through split and photo analysis like Marathon Investigation and Letsrun. The sleuths here have uncovered a mountain of evidence to conclude Frank Meza is 100% guilty of cheating . It's incorrect to say posters on Letsrun dropped the ball. In fact we picked the ball up when no one else did. Thank you, Roderick, for bringing attention to his performance and a healthy dose of initial skepticism regarding potential cheating. It made people look for and provide even more evidence.

All of his racing times except for the trails are tainted. All of his age group record times should be vacated. In addition he should be banned from LAM and LBM where he's cheated the most.

That seems to be true. Anyone who sees the "mountains of evidence" here comes to clear conclusions. But obviously no one wants to initiate proceedings and the organizers do not care what this old man organizes. It's just annoying that people like him screw up the entire age grade tables, damaging all runners around the world, while he makes himself important with his strange results.

That, and he gets to keep all of his results from previous years, which will be around forever. Meanwhile, all the other guys in his age group get pushed down a place. He was typically "finishing" marathons an hour+ faster than the actual winner of the age group. But I have a feeling we won't see any more world-beating performances from him.

"And I would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!"

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