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Golgi Body
RE: LAM 2015: More Unbelievable Splits in Record Temps

Roderick Powell wrote:

Seems Phoenix would have been harder to cheat. Many runners ran with this obviously "old guy". They might have thought "WTF". Same shoes as Long Beach 4 months earlier. (anyone know what exact shoes model these are?) After this race got no fanfare, I posted on LR. A few responses, half supportive of Frank. I even posted that Frank would be running LA. (late entrant) I provided a link for tracking. So let noone say that they had no notice of LA, and could have showed up and monitored what was going on. (caught him, if he was cheating, so to say) You all too have been let know well ahead of time about Long Beach. Do you really think Frank is not going to be there. Let's end this debate once and for all. My heart still pulls for Frank to be the real deal. My logical mind, and personal experience as a runner and for a few years, a proud masters runner, have obvious doubts. So many things point to funny business. I stand by my earlier post comment, that to say this respected doctor could be doing this is laughable. But now that it is so believable, it is laughter about something that is not funny for anyone. Show kindness however this turns out. We are just proud runners. I believe Frank is our brother runner too.

Roderick, I think you are totally out of touch with reality. You talk about your proclamation that Meza would be running LA beforehand as if it should have been big news that everyone made a note of, and you question the commitment of all those who never "showed up and monitored what was going on". You are totally disregarding that a) it's unlikely anybody posting about him now even saw the thread, and b) even if they did, I think you are grossly overestimating the lengths most people are willing to go to to resolve this once and for all.

What, do you expect people to fly into LA, then waste their time hanging around looking for some old man who is quite likely to never even appear for all we know? Not to mention they'd presumably have to be prepared to actually run a 2:53 or so, just in case. Think about it: best case scenario, you blow several hundred dollars and spend hours jogging around some boring dump just to prove what a loser some old man you don't know is.

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