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Golgi Body
RE: Frank Meza 2:53:10 at LA Marathon (70 years old) unoffical time (just finished)
I don't know who this Derek (doubler) person is. Apparently, to some people, his is the final word on whether or not someone cheated in a marathon. Come on, oh-so-timid people! Do you really feel so much respect for authority that you have to have somebody "official" say something is so before you'll believe it? Are you old fogeys all blind? Like you guys, Ghost in China and Roderick Powell, you're kind of freaking me out. You're all back and forth with, oh, it looks kinda suspicious, but I guess I'll just take it on faith that he ran impossible splits as a 70 year-old, running 5k segments that alternate between age group records FOR THE FRIGGING 5K DURING A MARATHON with other 5k segments 5 minutes slower. After all, it's not strictly forbidden by the laws of physics, so I guess it might have happened, right? Maybe we should ask him?

I'm kind of tired of posting splits that show how obvious it is that he's a cheater. Some of you people could watch him cheat with your own eyes and still probably say, well, I might have been hallucinating, so I'd better give him the benefit of the doubt.

But here is one more useful illustration. Meza's 2018 LA Marathon splits, preceded by the guy who finished before him, and the guy who finished after him:

20:38, 21:22, 21:06, 20:51, 20:35, 20:40, 20:54, 21:00
20:32, 18:55, 22:03, 21:45, 19:39, 24:13, 19:44, 20:01
21:34, 21:54, 21:07, 20:44, 20:28, 20:54, 21:03, 20:24

Does anything stand out? I'll spell it out, then. 1st guy: normal, well-paced race. 2nd guy (Mez): impossible splits. 3rd guy: normal, well-paced race.

And to make it worse, the guys who finished one place before Meza and one place after were aged 27 and 24, respectively. Young guys like that might be expected to have a little more variation in pace, because young guys, talented or not, have more gears than old runners. Old runners are automatons. I don't mean that as an insult, but it's true: to run a good race, old runners have to run totally even splits. I challenge you to find me a single example (not including other Frank Meza performances) of a 65+ runner having a great race without running very even splits. I already posted Gene Dykes' splits from his best marathons. Total automaton.

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