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RE: Post-nuptial shutoff?

JohnnyO wrote:

subelite hobbyjogger wrote:

For any men contemplating marriage, consider the following:

1. Women lose interest in their monogamous partners much faster than men, typically within two years.
2. It’s not that they no longer desire sex, they no longer desire sex with YOU. If they get a new partner, the libido magically returns.
3. There is little you can do to prevent this. It seems to be hard wired biology. Remember that the success stories you read about here and elsewhere are a small minority of all marriages. The odds are not in your favor.

This is spot on. No question, women lose interest in monogamous relationships very quickly. After marriage, they are just looking for economic support and a handy man. They have no interest in intimacy of any kind, at least with they husband. There are exceptions of course, but they are indeed exceptions. I have a colleague who has now been married about seven years, had a child about two years ago. He said they're sex life is indeed over. He's 37. I asked him if he was going to spend the rest of his life like this. He said, "I guess so, have a kid now, can't walk out." That's the way it is, fellows. Don't be a sucker unless this lifestyle is appealing. MGTOW!

This thread reminds me once again, that im not missing anything by being single. Heard similar stories of non-sexual marriages and i witness the public verbal dissection of my p***y-whipped and clueless brother in-law regularly. A guy at work says he hasnt slept in the same room with his wife for over 20 years, allegedly because of his snoring. Seperate lives, too.

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