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You didn't get 770
RE: More important than Millrose results, if anyone connected to Kemoy or his group can post updates on his condition please do

770 math SAT wrote:

Small angles wrote:

If the lanes are 1 meter wide and the straights are 40 meters long, that's a mere 1 centimeter extra he would have run by drifting to lane two - or .0014 seconds. When you factor in the energy he saved by not trying to counteract centrifugal force it was probably a wash. Also totally insignificant compared to the time saved by drafting and hugging the curb on the corners.

Can we see your formula? That doesn't seem right to me.

Isn't it like 3 meters per lap versus lane 1 or lane 2. How could it be only 1 cm?

Starting in lane 1 and drifting out to lane 2 over 40 meters, Pythons. What ever the lane width on that track, minus the actual point in lane run he ran, plug into a^2 + b^2 = c^2. Solve for c.

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