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RE: Tara Davis transfers from Georgia

false statement wrote:

sillymanator wrote:

bloviating wrote:

The demands were probably too much. Petro rides his athletes and most American divas can’t take that for too long. Her jumping is probably not coming along as she imagined and he is probably pushing more and more needing her points. Her thunder was stolen by a more talented freshman coming in and producing in crunch time. Shame because he can coach the field.

I never understood this.

If an athlete has aspirations to keep running or jumping, or throwing beyond their college years, why should they tolerate a plantation mentality from their coach?
The coach has them for 4 years at most. That's either a lifetime, or a small segment of time.

My brother turned down a full ride to UCLA back when it had Lew Alcindor. I asked him why. He said because the coach listed the events he intended to race him in, and his goal was the Olympics in one of them.

He stayed at home and made the Olympics in his current country and did very well in his career. Lots of medals and titles.
College and high school coaches are largely over rated. The college sporting experience is largely over rated.

Good for her to go where she will enjoy the experience. The coach sounds like a real dickhead. Not at all interested in the development of the athlete.

There is no "plantation mentality" at Georgia. Petros cares a lot about his athletes - that's exactly why he holds them to an extremely high standard.

If you are a parent, are you going to be happy with your son/daughter getting C's in class? Or are you going challenge them to do better because you know they can do better? You can either be the "cool parent" and have a 35 year old son working at mcdonalds and living at home, or you can be a real parent and teach your son hard lessons that will allow him to be successful in the real world.

Tara wants to be told she's perfect even when she's failing. Doing that isn't going to do her any favors in the long run.

There is no way to tell an athlete they are perfect when they are failing. I think you are grasping at straws now.

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