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RE: Can someone explain why the wall, or steel barrier, won't work?

Pierre Douton wrote:

Flagpole, you are making a lot of the James Bond style arguments I discredited above. Let's not have the perfect be the enemy of the good here. Surely you have locks on your doors at home. The wall will stop at least some illegal immigration by making it more difficult. Not everyone is going to rent a 50 foot ladder or take a boat instead. Some will give up.

Regarding point 8, what is America about? To me, it's a melting pot of skilled, legal immigrants who are willing to work hard. It doesn't mean we need to allow every tribesman who's been living in a mud hut or drug infested warzone into our country. If their lives are so bad outside America, is it because they lack some magic dirt present only in our country? Or is it, perhaps, because they are simply uneducated, of poor character, and not a good fit?

And I strongly agree with your Point #2. We need a comprehensive approach including a wall/steel barrier and punishment for business owners who hire illegal workers. if we dropped you pathetic trolling ass into a Brazillian indentured mining camp and you somehow didn't use your skills to rise to the top of society like cream.....would it be because you forgot your magic dust?

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