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RE: Can someone explain why the wall, or steel barrier, won't work?

Pierre Douton wrote:

Like yeah, I get that some dudes are going to get all James Bond digging tunnels or flying drones with drugs over the wall, but won't it stop the average illegal (ahem, "undocumented", these are mostly just guys who left their passports at home by mistake) immigrant from busting in?

Arguing that it won't is like arguing that it's pointless to lock your door because someone could use an advanced lock picking set or attack it with a battering ram. Yeah that's true but it keeps 99% of the riff raff at bay, so it's effective, especially when combined with other security measures like an alarm.

But I'm open to being convinced otherwise.

1) Your second paragraph is bunk. If you want to keep illegals out, you put an end to the reason they come here get work. Make fines enormous and impose prison sentences for people who hire illegal workers. Right now it is a slap on the wrist if you are caught hiring an illegal worker. Make the first instance $500,000 fine or hell even a million dollar fine and prison for 5 years. That will put a stop to it. Your produce will cost more, but I'm fine with that.

2) You can not put a border wall along the entire southern border, so since you can't do that, and even Trump now agrees that that is not feasible, what about those who just want to rough it and cross where there is no border wall?

3) The vast majority of illegal people in this country came in on Visas and overstayed.

4) Others come in illegal through legal ports of entry.

5) What if you did close off the entire southern border? Well, they come in by boat on the coasts then or through the northern border.

6) A southern border wall that Trump wants (and let's not forget he has continually lied that it is already being built) is ONLY a symbol of keeping brown people out.

7) Ever heard of a ladder?

8) Let's also not forget that Trump didn't even want to allow people to make a case for amnesty. That is not what America is all about.

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