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Be Careful
RE: i may have kidney stones
Be careful with kidney stones. I had a large one that blocked my kidneys from draining. I was on a warm weather training camp at the time and had stomach pains the entire duration and gradually my stomach was swelling and stomach remedies were lasting less and less time. Even looking back at photographs from that time, my face was swollen. I even did a triathlon that week and just missed third place because I couldn't sprint, and I'm a glutton and I was still stuffing myself at the all you can eat buffet (probably didn't help) two days before it got really bad and I could no longer eat properly. I was up all night groaning and screaming in discomfort (strangely for me it was never any great pain as most describe but just a terrible feeling of unwellness) and my training partners took me to the hospital the next day. The journey there in the local bus was almost unbearable.

The medics gave me the scan and quickly found the problem - a massive stone and blood tests showed that one of my kidneys was failing. They gave me treatment to break up the stone but still after a week it hadn't gone and so we were discussing an operation to either remove it with a laser or insert a line up my urinary tract to allow my kidney to drain. I was really unhappy about the former as it can cause quite a lot of discomfort and doesn't solve the problem. Still at least I was getting fluids now and whatever else they give you in hospital. I tried to stay active and jump and move around to loosen the stone, I started running again, slowly, from the hospital (unhooking my drip) for short duration. Still nothing but then after nearly 2 weeks I got the feeling in my urinary tract that I was constantly wanting to go to the toilet. I almost felt worse than when the stone was blocking my kidney. I could hardly run at all, though I sort of toughed it out with walking breaks. And then out it came, not in one piece but (apologies for being graphic) blood clots surrounding what must have been the stone. Quite a lot of them. Didn't hurt at all. And then I was all right! I recovered quickly, back to normal, blood tests absolutely normal since then. In fact, I felt quite well rested from staying in the hospital once the stone had gone.

I used to drink a lot of fizzy pop and you can bet your life that nothing, and I mean nothing, but water has ever passed through my body since. I also make sure to stay well hydrated and a recent scan showed no more stones. I also got hold of something called Chanka Piedra aka Stonebreaker while I was in hospital which is supposed to help break up stones.

I am so grateful to the urology doctors and specialists - they are an interesting group of people working in that field, and extremely dedicated.

I really hope your stone is a small one which you can flush out yourself by drinking lots of water, and maybe try the Chanka Piedra? Mine was a 6mm stone. It was unable to pass through my body whole which was what caused a lot of the problems.

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