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RE: What do we think of the new Tracksmith No Days Off collection?

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It's how the $34 shoes compare with similar (i.e. under $60) priced shoes from Walmart, Target, and Payless. He should have got several shoes like that to test and compare with the Decathlon shoes. Decathlon isn't competing with the premium brands Douglas shills for, it's competing with the discount brands and retailers market, a customer base someone like rich white boy Douglas could never relate to.

Ding ding. This is exactly right.
My guess is that for the person who does 2-3 miles (maybe) a few times a week at a 10+ minute mile, on the treadmill at the gym, these are fine.

If Decathlon can get themselves into the market as the low-cost leader, they have a good chance at succeeding.

There is a reason that Gap Brands, Inc. are closing Banana Republic stores and opening/focusing on Old Navy stores. We live in a disposable item type of world. People LOVE Old Navy stuff because it's cheap. Like their t-shirts are absolutely paper thin and probably will need to be replaced after a year (if that). People don't think twice about paying $6 for a new t-shirt or $20 for a pair of jeans every year.

As I said prior in my post, there are a hellofa lot more people looking for the Old Navy priced items than for BR. It's the same with running stuff. Why anyone would pay full price for the "big" companies stuff is beyond me. $30+ for an Under Armour or Nike Dri-Fit type shirt/shorts where it's been the same 100% polyester fabric for the last 10 years? You are outta your mind. I'll just go to TJMaxx/Marshalls/Ross and buy that same shirt/short for a price of $12.99. I firmly do believe that at the higher end of the "big" companies apparel, their is innovation and different fabric/breathability that goes into it, but for the average person (unless they are into vanity), they don't care about this nor are they buying it.

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