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RE: Propaganda- Why You Think What You Think

Countries With illiteracy wrote:

I'd say countries with higher illiteracy rates are more effected by their country's propaganda. Americans for the most part can read and find a random british or canadian article about something. Countries where most people can't read and rely on others to tell them what is true, those countries are most effected by propaganda.

Consider Rachel Maddow, a"beloved" Rhodes scholar, who offers her academic acumen to "educate" the public. Hard to believe that people still believe in the objectivity and prestige of Rhodes scholars and Ivy League PhDs. The Corbett Report has done a series of videos and podcasts on WWI, from which Corbett has spun off other topical videos. This one, "History is Written by the Winners," has some great interviews that document how the teaching of history, or "the shaping of public opinion," has been co-opted through such means as Rhodes scholars and the "philanthropic" work of the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations, who continue their work through PBS, NPR, and such liberal media outlets.

There's a lot of talk about Trump ushering in fascism, but part of fascism is the creation of a false narrative of a nation, and that's been going on in Amerikan education, quite consciously, for a century.

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