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RE: Propaganda- Why You Think What You Think

Northest Republican wrote:

Allen53 wrote:

Northest Republican wrote:

Allen53 wrote:

Northest Republican wrote:

Corporations compete against each other in a capitalist democratic republic like the US and have different agendas. But Authoritarian regimes like communist, dictatorships, or oligarchies would clearly have a unified propoganda message.

So, I absolutely disagree with you that the US is the most propagandized country in history.

Eastern bloc apparatchiks marveled at the sophistication of the US propaganda system. They said that the difference was while their form of propaganda was overt and comprehensive it was so much so that the people knew they were being manipulated so coercion was necessary to force obedience. Whereas in the US, the propaganda is even more widespread and constant but done much more artfully so that the populace doesn't understand how they are being manipulated and compliance to state authorities does not require coercion.

We have competition of ideas and interests here. Think about all that is argued here by various people and various institutions... State rights v. Federal authority, individual rights v. Group interests, religion v. Secularism, to economic interests v. Environmental interests, private schools and public schools, north v. South, urban v. Rural, etc, etc. Etc. These arguments occur within our government, by different elected officials, and by a wide variety of media sources. Huge difference!!!

What you are describing is a very narrow set of contentions that reside amidst the fringes of the realities that impact people's everyday lives. Talking about democracy where virtually everyone works in top-down bureaucracies and grows up in authoritarian institutions is laughable.

BTW the government is merely the superstructure- it is the economic forces that are the foundation which determines the direction of society, not the government. It is not "our" government it is "theirs" ,unless you count yourself amongst the ruling elites or identify with them.

You are arguing that corporate interests dictate this "propoganda" you are talking about, but corporate interests vary depending on their industry. Yes, corporations have influence in our government, but corporations rise and fall and are replaced by other industries over time. There is not some singular agenda the way you are implying. My point is that since corporations compete against each other, and certain industries win at the expense of other industries, there is a diversity of influence. So, there is no unified propoganda message. There are competing messages which is exactly what should exist in a democracy.

Now you're essentially arguing that corporate competition is what defines democracy. Whoa- that's pretty far divorced from reality. What you are describing is in fact nearer to the definition of fascism.

Corporations do not "influence" the government they control it. If you think those members of the Senate and House actually create legislation you need to bone up on how DC actually works. It's corporate lobbyist's, apparatchik's, lawyers and accountants of corporations who write mining policy for example not the legislators from W. Virginia who were put in their seats by those mining interests.

I'm not implying a singular agenda so not sure what you're speaking to there.

Coke and Pepsi is in fact as far as it goes when you define diversity in America. Though that's a bit of an overstatement- we also have Dr. Pepper.

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