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Northest Republican
RE: Propaganda- Why You Think What You Think

Does a robot know it's a robot? wrote:

wait un minuteo wrote:

Northest Republican wrote:

Corporations compete against each other in a capitalist democratic republic like the US and have different agendas. But Authoritarian regimes like communist, dictatorships, or oligarchies would clearly have a unified propoganda message.

So, I absolutely disagree with you that the US is the most propagandized country in history.

The (monstrous) difference is that in authoritarian regimes, people realize the media is controlled by the government and view everything through that lens. In the US, the propaganda comes from all well financed sectors (governmental parties, corporations, lobbies) and it's hard to know what to believe. This is most true for uneducated, non-discerning demographic populations. So, people align themselves typically with news outlets publishing materials that resonate with their core beliefs instead of reading things that disagree and challenge them.

Wrong... the Soviets were drinking the propaganda by the gallon, and it took many years before it was realized. The same for the Chinese.

Right. At least here we have a diversity of information and a diversity of opinions. Intelligent people can sort thru the clutter and discern right from wrong.

In closed authoritarian regimes, the people don't know what they don't know, so are therefore more easily indoctrinated.

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