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Luther Poach
RE: A Modern Day Millenial Hippie Woman

Poster #539 wrote:

Listen grandpa,

When defining the characteristics of a large population of people, you are typically defining themes and high percentage identifiers. You're not literally defining the characteristics of every. single. person. in that population.

That's why we can say 'white people can't dance' but it doesn't mean 'that guy over there can't dance because he's white'.


How fortunate we are to have an Internet Tough Guy available to explain to "grandpa" and the rest of us what other people mean when making broad sweeping generalizations. All of the millennials serving in the military can breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that they aren't necessarily the ones being referred to when some goober says all millenials are lazy, spoiled brats who think they should get participation ribbons. Members of every generation say that about the generation coming up, although those saying it are usually people who are desperately seeking some way to feel better about their own lives.

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