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RE: A Modern Day Millenial Hippie Woman

clueless normies of LRC wrote:

sbeefyk2 wrote:

This isn’t called a millennial. It’s what’s known as a hippie. Millennials are a generation. A lifestyle choice is not a generation type. It’s appalling the lack of education around what a millennial actually is. In fact, millennials act no different than previous generations. All the negativities about millennials were done by every previous generation. Sorry to burst your bubble, but your sweet old grandma and great grandma spent their nights having just as much or most likely more casual sex than millennials have.

Lol, so true. Millennial is the new hipster. Just a way for lazy minds to categorise things they don't approve of or understand. Like the term hipster before it, it can be applied to almost any young person or anything young people do.
Most have no clue what the term really means.


80% of the time, 40+ adults just use the term "Millennial" when they want to be condescending to people younger than them. The best is when they use it to describe kids born before 2000, who actually are not Millennials

("Millennial" is supposed to mean that you were coming of age at the turn of the Millennium, around the year 2000. Most definitions put the younger limit for Millennials at people who were born in the mid 90s).

The true "Millennials" (by the most common definition) are all over the age of 20, and either just finished college with and undergraduate degree (or a similar life stage) at the youngest, or even have kids who are elementary school (or a similar life stage) at the oldest.

In fact, I would guess that Baby Boomers and Gen X actually have Gen Z (people born roughly before the year 2000, roughly) in mind when they talk about Millennials

And the criticisms by older generations of Millennials are unreal. They'll complain about sex and loose standards, when the reality is that according to statistics; Millennials are having less sex, and are more committed to one person, than the preceding generations. Or they will complain about entitlement, which is also hilarious, because look at how entitled the 40+ generation is to having things be "the same way they have always been" (Make American Great Again)

It's not a "Millennials" issue. Baby Boomers and Gen X are old and cranky and throwing a fit that they are on their way our and times are changing. A story as old as time. Nothing new. People were doing stuff like this woman is back in the days of Jack Kerouac, and old people hated it then too.

Baby Boomers in Gen X people aren't special, you're just getting old and cranky like everyone else does.

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