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RE: Trews is Wall Street’s Head Muppet

Maserati wrote:

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Maserati wrote:

Is anyone here buying right now, and if so, what?

I'm sort of buying Apple. Started selling puts on it for strikes around 120-125. Don't care if I get assigned because I'll take it and collect premiums in the mean time. They have so much cash that they can just buy Netflix outright if they wanted.

Might also buy oil. Russia and Saudi Arabia won't let it stay low for much longer

I’m sitting on the sidelines waiting for the storm to pass. All (nearly) out since a couple of weeks ago. Mind you I’m not a trader, per se, so I suppose you weren’t asking me. That said, best case scenario for me personally is markets continue a long downward plunge.

Yes, I was asking you. I am not trading anymore, just some sporadic things based on just a few ideas. Like you, I would benefit from a "long downward plunge". I have never been a buy-and-hold investor, and I find it interesting and a bit scary. Is AAPL now worth the price? IDK. What about other stocks that may have overshot to the downside? I have long known how published numbers like the GDP, inflation and unemployment, and published regulations like Basel are manipulated for consumption, but now it seems that even that isn't doing the trick. Makes me nervous. I have diversified currencies and jurisdictions, and passports. Swift mobility might be needed in the future, who knows. I personally have a great deal of uncertainty about future directions. When I consider facts like the retard Waters being in charge of the Financial Services Committee, and the bozo Trump complaining about the Fed chair, and what I have known about DB for years, etc. it makes for nervousness about the future.

And it is that nervousness that is keeping me from buying anything, even if I think it looks good at current prices. I have no set plan for the future as far as the markets go. Strange days.

I'm pretty sure Germany is gonna get one of their own appointed as head of the ECB and then they'll quietly take care of Deutsche Bank. That's my theory at least.

I think you vastly underestimate the power of the status quo and "auto-pilot." Trump's whole presidency has basically been an exercise of of how well the US can manage on coasting power alone. There's a lot of people with a lot of money who like the status quo (for better or worse) and they're not gonna give that up without a careful and clever fight. Trump is not careful, nor is he clever

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