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No one knows why people do the things they do
RE: new coach crushing my kid

It's About Time wrote:

soulcrushingcoach wrote:

How do you break from an abusive coach in HS?

Unbelievable how many worthless posts this generated. I knew how to break with a coach when I was in HS. I did not agree to be coached by them. Never showed up their practices, never asked them for advice, never met them. Didn't care what they thought. Didn't know what their training philosophy was. Although I was not relevant on the world scene, I was by far the best distance runner in the School District. That may not be saying much but it still means I was better than the losers who 'went out for track' (I think that's how they said it then). Why no one has figured this out since about 1985 is a mystery to me. Is there now a law that if you live in a school district and run you must join a school-affiliated team?

You are just lucky you were born when you were and had all the magazines, websites, books, and new knowledge
to rely on. Those of us born in the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and early 80s were not so fortunate. We had to do what the
coach said because he was the only one in the district who knew anything. You do realize that the NYC Marathon
debuted in 1976? There was a very long period of time when training was pretty much guesswork.

Now someone who wants to know how to train can find out in a few weeks what to do if they really put in
a little bit of time. It is a very relavant post.

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